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If you, or someone you care about, is living with constant, underlying anxiety, and/or outbursts of uncontrollable anxiety such as panic attacks, it may feel as if that’s just the way you are.  But that’s not the case.  Anxiety is a habit you’ve innocently picked up in life, and you can drop it again once you understand how.    


Perhaps you’re afraid of flying, spiders, dogs, certain foods, or public speaking.  Or perhaps your phobia is so unusual or you think it sounds so crazy, that you don’t even want to talk about it.
However unusual your phobia, it comes from the same source – a misunderstanding of how the mind works.  As such, it can be dealt with much more easily than you think.  You don’t have to continue to live with it any longer.


Did you sleep soundly in the past, but now you just can’t drop off?  Or perhaps you’ve never been able to sleep well, or you wake in the night with your mind whirring and can’t get back to sleep?  If you wake feeling exhausted after a poor night, it can be hard to focus and produce your best work or enjoy life to the full.  Taking the time to deal with this absolutely key element of your life – your ability to sleep – can be truly life-changing.


Are you stuck in negative patterns of thoughts and feelings?  Does life seem pointless and exhausting, with nothing positive on the horizon, and not much hope for change?  The negative cycle of depression can be hard to shake off, until you learn how the system (your mind) works.  Just this simple understanding can be life-changing.  Call me for a conversation to learn how I can help you.

Recent Testimonials

“Lizzie has sensitively guided me to a whole new level of understanding that I could not possibly have anticipated. I find myself looking at possibilities in life that would have been, literally, unthinkable a month ago.


I can hardly believe the options that I now see, which fear and negativity had made me blind to.”


– HH 

“Our daughter started suffering with anxiety after starting a new school. After contacting Lizzie we felt instantly reassured and we started to understand a little more about how to cope with it.


After a couple of sessions with Lizzie and we started seeing some real progress. We are now totally free of all tears and we have a happy little girl walking into school. I can’t say enough positive things about Lizzie and the whole process!”


– PM 

“After a few talks with you, I experienced such a significant shift out of a negative, stuck zone. Your warmth and compassion drew me to you, as someone easy to talk to.


I can see so many more possibilities for my future now…”


– RE