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Take Control of Your Life

Every day, the thoughts we have create our experience.  Gaining insight into how this process really works can cause our experience to change – often quite suddenly and dramatically.

A New Understanding

Through our work together, you will create a new understanding of your life, which is accurate, up-to-date, and above all, helpful in achieving your goals.

A Personalised Approach

Everyone is different, and has a different thought model of the world, so every programme is individually designed. Working together, we can clearly identify areas where it will be helpful to make changes, and I can help you to shift those unwanted habits, behaviours and patterns of thinking that are keeping you stuck.

Recent Testimonials

“Lizzie has sensitively guided me to a whole new level of understanding that I could not possibly have anticipated. I find myself looking at possibilities in life that would have been, literally, unthinkable a month ago.


I can hardly believe the options that I now see, which fear and negativity had made me blind to.”


– HH 

“Our daughter started suffering with anxiety after starting a new school. After contacting Lizzie we felt instantly reassured and we started to understand a little more about how to cope with it.


After a couple of sessions with Lizzie and we started seeing some real progress. We are now totally free of all tears and we have a happy little girl walking into school. I can’t say enough positive things about Lizzie and the whole process!”


– PM 

“After a few talks with you, I experienced such a significant shift out of a negative, stuck zone. Your warmth and compassion drew me to you, as someone easy to talk to.


I can see so many more possibilities for my future now…”


– RE