Changing Perspective – Seeing Something New

29 Feb Changing Perspective – Seeing Something New

With spring in the air, and new life and growth starting to appear in the gardens and countryside, it’s that time of year when I reach for my camera. The sight of a bright green bud appearing from a dry, brown twig never fails to grab my attention. For me, it speaks of the incredible potential within all of us to express something new and fresh and full of life.


It’s a common habit I see among many of my clients (and one which I’ve been susceptible to myself in the past) to hangon to an outdated or unhelpful view of ourselves, or of our story, whilst failing to see the potential within us for something new.   Before our very eyes may be the fresh shoots of a new idea, a new direction, a new way of thinking, springing even from the place of this old story. Often this has the potential to energise us to move forward in life.   However, if we continue to focus on the negative, disappointing or sad, we may fail to see it altogether.IMG_2581


Coach, Barbara Patterson expressed it thus:


“I began to see that it wasn’t the past limiting me. It was me arguing for the past and how it limited me. I suddenly realised the ridiculousness of arguing a case for limitation.”

Because the truth is, we are only limited by our own beliefs of limitation. A shift in awareness, a change of perspective, can reveal a world of possibilities previously unrecognised or unseen.

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