Christmas is coming…

28 Nov Christmas is coming…

There’s no point denying it any longer – Christmas is on its way! Christmas can be a wonderful time of joy and celebration, or a miserable time of stress, hassle and arguments.  Whichever it has traditionally been for you, I am sure of one thing – it could be different!  So if you love Christmas and all it entails, you can stop reading now, and go and admire the pile presents that you’ve probably already bought and wrapped. However, if you are not looking forward to Christmas, perhaps I can offer a few ideas which might help.

One of the big issues for a lot of people around the Christmas festivities is food.  Being presented with huge quantities of fatty and sugary things which we know will just pile on the pounds, which perhaps you’re already trying to shed, can be really daunting for many people.  Hypnotherapy for weight management can help you to develop a whole new way of thinking around food, so that you just don’t feel tempted to eat large quantities, or no longer feel attracted by certain foods which have spelled danger for you in the past.  Wouldn’t it be great not to have to feel that you’re depriving yourself, or having to constantly hold back from eating what you want, but rather that you can really enjoy eating just the right amount.

For some, it’s other people that make Christmas stressful.  Either the work that they feel is involved in entertaining and catering for numerous family members, or arguments and fall-outs that for some seem to crop up even more at Christmas than at other times.   Just because things have been a certain way in the past, does not mean they need to continue along the same course – but they probably will if you keep telling yourself the same old stories about what a nightmare Christmas is, how everyone takes you for granted/criticises/gets stressed out/bickers and argues.  These constant journeys back into the past in your mind, tend to play out again in the present, keeping you from noticing different behaviours in people you have decided are difficult, or noticing opportunities for new thinking, or a new way of behaving yourself.  It’s amazing how a small change in oneself affects all those around you.  Is it because you expect things to be a certain way, that you feel constantly disappointed when others don’t live up to your expectations?  Or are you so convinced that Auntie Bee is going to criticise your cooking, that you’re  looking out for the slightest word out of place to go into a sulk?  Our thinking creates our experience, and changing your thinking can work miracles!

Wishing you new and happy thinking this Christmas!

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