It’s probably nothing to do with the hypnotherapy but…

15 Apr It’s probably nothing to do with the hypnotherapy but…

I love the work I do.  Helping people to move on from stuck places in their lives is such rewarding work.  It still impresses me how one session of hypnotherapy can already start to shift what previously appeared to be deeply rooted and long-established patterns of behaviour.  Change really can be quick with hypnotherapy.

But it always makes me smile when a client says to me: “It’s probably nothing to do with this but…” and then goes on to relate how, that week, after years or decades of a certain behaviour or thought pattern or difficulty, they have just been different.  The guy who gambled away his entire pay packet every Friday evening said: “It’s probably nothing to do with the hypnotherapy, but I just didn’t feel like gambling this week” after one session of hypnotherapy.  The chocoholic just ‘didn’t fancy’ the chocolate cake and biscuits that their colleague brought into work.  The woman who’d suffered from debilitating anxiety around speaking in public found herself able to do it ‘although I still felt a tiny bit nervous’.   One client when asked how he’d been since the last session, started telling me all about his relationship issues.  When I gently asked, ‘And what about the phobia we worked on last week?’ (the whole reason he’d sought me out in the first place!) he dismissed it with a ‘oh I haven’t thought about that!’ as if it was just a non-issue – and never had been an issue!

I’ve heard this ‘not the hypnotherapy’ comment so many times now that I almost find it endearing! It’s almost as once the mind has cleared up a bit of faulty wiring, the sufferer can instantly forget that it ever existed.  And this amnesia for past problems has got to be another strength of hypnotherapy.  Rather than constantly thinking back to how they used to be, and wondering if they might start to have those feelings again, clients often just move on, without a backward glance.

So although a part of me is tempted to shout: ‘Of course it’s something to do with the hypnotherapy – go and tell all your friends!’, I restrain myself, smile indulgently and let it pass!

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