Get creative – fail more spectacularly!

08 Apr Get creative – fail more spectacularly!

Recently I’ve been reading materials by Rich Litvin, a coach to high achieving men and women worldwide.  In his book ‘The Prosperous Coach’ (co-authored with Steve Chandler) Rich explains a task he often sets to the coaches he mentors:  “Before I see you again,” he says, “I want you to go out and fail spectacularly at something.”

Wow! What a challenge!

And so I started to reflect on this.  If someone set me that challenge, what would I go and do?  As I started to consider the various options, the embryonic projects that were still sitting on my ‘to do’ list or my ‘ too difficult’ list, I found myself experiencing a change of perspective. Suddenly projects which had seemed too difficult, weren’t difficult enough to fulfill the ‘fail spectacularly’ criteria.  I would have to think harder.. and think bigger…

But of course that raised another much more interesting question – what was stopping me from getting started on those projects which weren’t as difficult as I thought?  I started to see more clearly than ever before how my limited thinking is the biggest thing I’m up against.  So it is for us all, until we realise that what we are seeing is not the whole picture, but only our blinkered view of what we think we can achieve.

So over the next few months I will be thinking bigger, getting more creative and pushing the boundaries of what I previously thought possible.

What about you?

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