Welcome to new Derby clients!

11 Dec Welcome to new Derby clients!

Welcome to Derby clients from the Park Medical Practice in Chaddesden and Borrowash.  These people are now being recommended to Change from Within through their surgery.  We are delighted that information about our hypnotherapy services is being circulated to patients on handy appointment cards.  It’s great to see doctors in Derby becoming more aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy for a whole range of chronic issues.   These include weight management, pain management, IBS, stopping smoking, anxiety, stress, fears and phobias.  Hypnotherapy can be effective, often quite quickly, for all of these conditions.  I’d be happy to chat to you about the benefits of hypnotherapy.   Many clients come to see me about one specific issue, but find that their whole life changes for the better after a few sessions of hypnotherapy.  So if you live in the Derby area, why not get in touch to find out more about how I can help you?

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