Hypnosis For Children

Hypnosis For Children & Adolescents

phobiaHypnosis can be used very successfully to treat a wide range of children’s issues. Children make excellent hypnotic subjects as visualisation and creative imagination often come very naturally to them.
Teaching young people new techniques for dealing with their feelings early in life, can avoid years of struggle and difficulty.

I have worked with children and young people successfully on issues ranging from school anxiety, to public speaking, generalised anxiety and eating issues to needle phobia.

Typically the positive effects reach far wider than just the presenting issue, and lots of other areas of life become easier.


“We contacted Lizzie when our daughter started suffering with anxiety after starting a new school.  Being 8 it was a really difficult time for her and for us as parents, seeing your child cry and cling onto you at the school gates was really hard.  It was hard to understand what we could do to help her and also help us to cope with the situation too.  After contacting Lizzie we felt instantly reassured and we started to understand a little more about how to cope with it.  We booked our daughter in for a few sessions with Lizzie and we started seeing some real progress.  Using the techniques that Lizzie showed us we are now totally free of all tears and we have a happy little girl walking into School.  I can’t say enough positive things about Lizzie and the whole process!”


I offer a free initial consultation with the child and a parent, to put your child at ease, and discuss how I can help them.   The sessions are very informal and relaxed and very much child-centred – tailored to the individual’s needs.


For hypnotherapy to be successful, the child or young person must take part willingly.

Contact me now to book a potentially life-changing session for your child.