Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Whether you suffer from mild anxiety and fear of social events or full-blown panic attacks, the effects of social anxiety and social phobias can be very limiting. Even seeking help may seem a step too far, but take comfort from the fact that these issues can be overcome much more easily than you might think.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Feeling uncomfortable around other people

  • Feel anxious about what other people are thinking about you

  • Hate being the centre of attention or put on the spot

  • Get a dry mouth, feel nauseous and unable to talk

  • Feel unable to carry out simple tasks such as eating, drinking or writing in front of other people

  • Dreading any kind of social events or meetings
  • Spending more and more time on your own because you feel so uncomfortable going out
  • Feel panicky even thinking about meeting new people or socialising
  • Making excuses to avoid meetings or gatherings
  • Using alcohol or other unhealthy strategies to help you get through social situations

Lots of people feel a bit anxious or shy about meeting someone new, or attending large gatherings, which is quite normal. But, when the fear is out of all proportion to the situation such that it starts to ruin your quality of life, then we would call it social anxiety or social phobia.


The good news is that things can change, quickly and simply. Many cases of social anxiety or social phobia can be treated in as little as two or three sessions. A lot of clients significantly improve or overcome their fear altogether in this time, although we can’t guarantee this will be the same for everyone. Some people benefit from a longer period of support as they establish new ways of operating.


Within a supportive, friendly environment I can help you to overcome your fear and begin to enjoy life to the full.