One-to-one Programmes with Lizzie – in person or via Skype

Personalised One-to-one Programmes

All programmes are centred on your specific needs.  In addition to stopping smoking and weight loss programmes,  I work one-to-one with a huge range of clients and issues, both face-to-face and via Skype or phone.

In these sessions I will listen closely to you, and create a programme to suit your specific needs.  We will work together to create for you a different future from the ‘default future’ that would arrive if you continued as you are.  Your commitment to this process is key to success.  I will not ‘do something to you’.  I will point you in a new direction, and guide you along the way.

Coaching and Hypnotherapy 

If you would like to work with me to make changes to your life, please read the following information, to get a feel for how I work with my clients.


I offer you a friendly and supportive atmosphere, which provides a high level of support.

  • I will listen to you deeply.
  • I will get a sense of who you really are.
  • I will find the spark inside you whether or not you know it is there.
  • I will say things to you that no one else will say.
  • I will speak to you from a place of respect, and belief in what you can achieve.
  • Together we will create the future that you hardly dared dream was possible


The information here is about both hypnotherapy, and coaching.  Often I will combine these in our sessions.  Many of my clients prefer coaching, and will either start here, or transition to coaching following some hypnotherapy sessions.  When we talk, I will listen deeply to what is on your mind, and advise you on what would be most appropriate for you.


Extensive research into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy has shown that clients benefit most from a series of sessions of hypnotherapy. This has been confirmed by my own experience, as I have found that single or irregular sessions do not yield good results. Therefore, although I am aware there are numerous hypnotherapists around who offer single sessions, and so charge less than I do, I choose not to do this, as I don’t think it’s in the best interests of my clients.


Similarly, the coaching I offer is about connecting through a long-term relationship. Together we create a space where powerful insights can result in life-changing shifts in your thinking.


The issues my clients and I tackle together often have an extremely negative impact on their lives. Having made the decision to work on me, I want to ensure that what we do together here results in a lifetime of emotional freedom from for you.


Everyone is different, and so the programmes I offer are tailor-made to suit your individual needs.   Depending on the issue that you wish to address, I offer programmes of hypnotherapy of three or more sessions, during which I develop a full understanding of the issue, and work with you to make and consolidate changes. The coaching programmes I offer range from 3 months to year-long programmes, during which we can really explore deeply together.


Hypnotherapy programmes may also involve activities and exercises to carry out between sessions, CD recordings, reading material and with longer programmes such as for weight loss, an element of accountability between sessions. All this builds on the work we do together in the sessions, and supports the sustainability of the changes you are making.


Both hypnotherapy and coaching are collaborative processes, not something I ‘do to you’, and so I ask all my clients to commit fully to this process and understand the importance of their role in making the changes they wish to see.


Before we start working together we will have a conversation on the phone so that I can begin to understand the issues you would like to deal with and the outcomes you would like to achieve. It is important that you have the chance to ask any questions you would like to at this stage, to make sure that you feel comfortable with me, and that we both feel that working together is a good fit for your needs.   I can then start to design a programme that meets your needs, although this will continually evolve as we work together.


The work I do is extremely effective for a wide range of issues, so you can be very hopeful that change will take place if you decide to work with me.   My particular areas of expertise include:

  • anxiety and stress
  • advancing educational performance
  • specific fears and phobias
  • weight management


I have worked with a huge variety of issues in addition to these.   Frequently clients report feeling uncomfortable sharing the difficulties they themselves have, as they feel that they are ‘weird’ or that no one else feels as they do. I would like to reassure you that you are not alone – whatever your particular issue, it is likely to be a variation on issues suffered by many thousands of others. It is not the specifics of the issue itself that make it a problem, but the negative thought patterns that you have established. In a sense you have already ‘hypnotised’ yourself into regularly creating particular unhelpful images, and believing certain repetitive thought patterns. Through the work we do together, these can be replaced with more positive and beneficial beliefs.  As your beliefs start to change, this will have a profound effect on your emotions and behaviour.


Sessions are typically of about an hour duration, but I allow for flexibility so as to provide the best possible experience for you. I have space for a limited number of new clients each week, but I will attempt to find a mutually convenient time for an initial appointment within a week of our first conversation (although this is, of course, not always possible).


Finally, given the highly personalised nature of the sessions, and the high level of support offered, you will find that I am not the cheapest hypnotherapist in town! However, my clients speak extremely positively of the level of support they experience while working with me, and the positive changes they see in their lives – often reaching far beyond the issue which they initially planned to address!


If you would like to find out how we could work together to make some powerful changes in your life, please BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL or complete the form and I will contact you to book a mutually convenient time.


I look forward to getting to know you!



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